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 Betreff des Beitrags: coffee production at our plant in comparison with the year
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coffee production at our plant in comparison with the year 2006 amounted to 180 percent. And fourth, our direction Emenac Packaging the production of solid board packaging and micro. We are talking about consumer packaging, which is in demand from manufacturers of confectionery, pizza, home appliances, and large wholesalers to implement the croup. Of course, while we do not forget about the origins of our printing. We continue to actively develop the newspaper direction. This year, for example, we will have the new equipment for the production of newspapers with mixed colorful American concern "Goss". The company has already started to receive the first containers with this technique. I think that in April it will be put into operation. Technical capabilities in printing are extremely important, they define including business development. Our competitive advantages derived from the Speed and quality of printing and post Emenac Packaging printing processes. If you lose to other printers on some of these stages, it affects the load. State action Emenac such a fund does not make sense, because we, unlike Intel, diversified company. Certain areas of HP's business are very different, they are often even different business models. Therefore, it would be difficult to create a venture capital fund that is useful for the whole company. After all, successful venture capital funds Are highly specialized, because the only way to ensure the highest level of expertise and projects to reduce the risks in this sector are very high. But, although we do not conduct venture capital activity, we often acquire the company, fed venture capital. Care staff to a competitor like a disaster Emenac Packaging not only corporations lose valuable employees, but also their secrets. Can protect their cartel agreements staff? The shortage is felt today in all industries Emenac Packaging people are lured whole departments. To combat this scourge companies use a wide range of methods and even go to the extreme measure Emenac Packaging a pact of "non Emenac Packaging aggression" on the staff of a competitor. Armed neutrality the shortage ... 23#p423623 variety of situations. Let's say you are a business and want to propagate flyers. Or a student decided to earn on writing course or graduation projects to order. Even the simplest layman might need, such as print ads apartments or rental housing. In all such situations help out such a service as discography. What is this method of printing? Why he is in demand among business and government organizations, educational institutions and ordinary citizens? Does It have flaws? Will deal with these issues that you have developed a clear picture of the printing Emenac packaging. Isograph: features replication using this methods, in order to understand what constitutes the technology of reproduction of printed materials, start by describing the apparatus called isograph. If you throw him a cursory glance, one might think that this copier. That it looks like this unit. But it works on a different principle. At the heart of isograph is screen printing Emenac Packaging long known to mankind? However, in fact, this unit combines some of the principles of offset plate. Along with the development of modern technologies and changes in customer requirements and changing printing pads. Today, they are capable of hitting its variety of shapes, designs and features design. Some products are a work of art rather than a notebook. There are plenty of options for the manufacture of notebooks. Some of them are designed for business and just busy people who are using this printing products easier to organize your time. Others are designed for creative professionals, so have the appropriate clearance. Print notebooks: types of Products Pads may vary according to various parameters. For example, in size: the product may be in the format from A6 to A3. By the method of mounting these products can be glued or with sheets, connected clips, springs. Inside notebooks may vary on the basis of the fact whether the paper is clean, lined or lined with a cell. According to their purpose notebooks are branded, standard or original. Branded products are created to maintain the company's image. The work on their design necessarily used the

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