the main source of income. Imagine that you have a "burn" tr
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the main source of income. Imagine that you have a "burn" trips to Egypt, if you cannot sell them in the next two or three days. Need customers now, and only to the extent of available tickets. To solve these problems of traditional advertising methods have significant limitations. In this case, we can assume that customers will donate budgets media and contextual advertising in favor of direct sales Emenac Packaging on the phone to ring an existing customer base, as well as catch new customers through online counseling. BG: Do you think, what part of the network advertising budgets such systems in the future will be able to master? P. CH.: According to my calculations, about 3 Emenac Packaging 5% of the total market in the next two to Three years. However, this is still very preliminary and speculative assessment. Much depends on how customers will perceive these methods of promotion, accustomed whether buyers and sellers to communicate via chat on the website or prefer more traditional methods of communication. That's a year later it will be possible to goods. This action allows consumers to choose from the variety of products is the product of the master, as the work they were unsure. Thus the buyer knows what goods and a producer he wanted, he could easily buy the necessary products. If you translate this phenomenon into a modern language, the stigma for the master acted as a brand logo. Needless to say, that in those days logo design was made by the master and at its sole discretion. Such kind of "printing" were profitable and craftsmen and buyers. The first could distinguish his goods among others. In addition, the presence of such a stigma often indicative of the high quality of the product, its demand, as well as the positive reputation of the seller. Even in those days there has been a widespread brands that have Been used to promote the product on the market. As can be seen from the above, logo design was then very common and widely used. Moreover, she worked for the authority and the overall image of the manufacturer. Development of corporate identity in the 19 Emenac Packaging 20 centuries since

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